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The Visitant by Megan Chance
Lake Union Publishing
339 pages
ISBN 978-1503945173
The Visitant - FR - new.jpg.png
The Visitant
Megan Chance’s newest work of historical fiction is a hauntingly sensual,  dramatic tale of buried secrets and danger in 19th century Venice.

After she nearly ruins her family with a terrible misstep, Elena Spira is sent to Venice to escape disgrace and to atone by caring for the ailing Samuel Farber. But the crumbling and decaying Ca’ Basilio palazzo, where Samuel is ensconced, holds tragic secrets, and little does Elena know how profoundly they will impact her. Soon she begins to sense that she is being watched by something. And when Samuel begins to have hallucinations that make him violent and unpredictable, she can’t deny she’s in mortal danger.


Then impoverished nobleman Nero Basilio, Samuel’s closest friend and the owner of the palazzo, arrives. Elena finds herself entangled with both men in a world where the past seeps into the present and nothing is as it seems. As Elena struggles to discover the haunting truth before it destroys her, a dark force seems to hold Samuel and the Basilio in thrall—is it madness, or something more sinister?

Praise for The Visitant:

Haunting, atmospheric ... chilling mystery ... Chance's command of hinting nuances sets the stage for the reader's unease ...

- The Seattle Times                         

"Suspenseful, surprising and beautifully done ... With a luminous Venetian setting and a fascinating triad of characters at its heart, THE VISITANT utilizes traditional Gothic and ghost-tale motifs in a strikingly fresh and inventive way."

- Society Nineteen                            

"Rich with description, pouring with plot, and a great psychological exercise."

- Bibliotika                                        

"A wonderfully drawn Gothic tale ... The Visitant will keep readers turning pages well into the night ..."

​- Historical Novel Society Reviews

"The Visitant is what you’d get if Anne Rice and Dostoevsky could team up to write a ghost story.  It’s got everything to love–madness, depression, epilepsy, lust, knives, angry ghosts, and family secrets. It is sensual, atmospheric, and hauntingly beautiful."

- Books Without Any Pictures

"Megan Chance not only orchestrates a fabulous mystery, but also incorporates the timeless issue [of epilepsy] into her story."

- hautelife

Autographed copies available from Liberty Bay Books
French edition--Faubourg Marigny (2023)
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