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An Inconvenient Wife, by Megan Chance
Warner Books
416 pages
ISBN 0-446-52956-7
An Inconvenient Wife
With Susannah Morrow, Megan Chance proved herself a writer of extraordinary talent, one whose evocative prose brilliantly conjured up the past. Now she has written an unforgettable novel that illuminates the cruel injustices of an age when a woman was forced to be docile and obedient, to deny her passions, to forgo her dreams.

For young Mrs. Lucy Carelton, it’s becoming harder and harder to be the perfect wife. While other women revel in the rigors of the Season, she feels overwrought and increasingly suffocated.


Her husband, William, his beautiful, fragile wife to doctor after doctor, with no success. But now a brilliant and controversial new healer has arrived in New York City. Victor Seth is a doctor of neurology. He is also a hypnotist, maybe a charlatan.


Victor Seth holds out the promise of salvation. Or does he? For the compelling doctor has his own agenda. In the fascinating Mrs. Carleton, he perceives an opportunity he cannot resist, and soon his actions will set off a chain of events that will have shocking repercussions no one can foresee, Lucy least of all.


Heartrending and suspenseful, disturbing and darkly erotic, An Inconvenient Wife is a masterful blending of historical detail and flawless storytelling that shows how a woman can be driven to the edge of sanity, driven even to the ultimate betrayal.

Praise for An Inconvenient Wife:

Indienext Booksense Pick Summer 2006


"This is the novel Edith Wharton might have written if she had lived in the 21st Century."

- The Seattle Times


"Wholly absorbing … [A] diabolically clever, thoroughly entertaining take on women’s liberation."

- Booklist


"This is an incredible novel with an ending that will leave you breathless!"

- Kelly Dickinson, Oregon State University, Booksense Summer 2006


"In this gripping historical, Chance exposes the horrors women faced in late 19th-century New York when they dared to show passion of any kind of repudiate society’s norms… The role of the unconscious mind and its impact on conscious behavior is explored in depth here, and Chance ends this lightning-paced narrative with a clever twist underscoring the risks one woman takes to be her own person."   - Publisher’s Weekly


"Set in the era and among the social class most famously chronicled in the novels of Edith Wharton, the story combines elements from classic feminist lit. Kate Chopin’s The Awakening collides with Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper—with a denouement straight out of Hitchcock."

- The Capital Times


"Filled with thrills, drama, intrigue, intellect and romance, An Inconvenient Wife is a stunning creation…"

- Carly Hope,


"An Inconvenient Wife is a must read, as well as being a book that is bound to spur many a heated conversation."


French edition An Inconvenient Wife
French edition
Swedish edition An Inconvenient Wife
Swedish edition

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