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Susannah Morrow by Megan Chance
Warner Books
416 pages
ISBN 978-0446529532
mass market Susannah Morrow
Mass Market
Susannah Morrow

Only fifteen years of age, Charity Fowler has lost too much; her mother in childbirth and her illusions about love to a young man who broke her heart. Her stern Puritan father has withdrawn from his family; and her aunt, Susannah Morrow, who has just arrived from London, is struggling to find her place in the family.


But it quickly becomes clear that Susannah has chosen the wrong time to be a part of this rigidly religious community. Her beauty, independence and obvious sensuality challenge its established ways. As the suspicions against her mount, the fanaticism, repressed emotions and sexual guilt in Salem explode into a form of hysteria that will make its name infamous and touch everyone she loves.


Charity will have to come to grips with or be controlled by her deepest fears. Charity’s father will have to choose between his terror of temptation and his feelings for the woman who questions the beliefs at the core of his life. And Susannah herself must face condemnation and the horror of the witch trials.


Peopled by real-life figures including Elizabeth Proctor, Judge Danforth, and the spell-casting West Indian slave Tituba; and expertly capturing the rhythms and cadences of seventeenth-century colonial life, SUSANNAH MORROW is both a timeless parable on good and evil and a luminous love story.

Praise for Susannah Morrow:

"Wonderfully intermingles fictitious characters with actual historical figures to create the Spartan Puritan society that erupted into the Salem Witch Trials."

- Booklist


"The witchcraft trials of Salem are given a fresh perspective."

- Publisher’s Weekly


"This tale of the Salem Witch trials is gripping from its very opening pages."

- Library Journal


"A mesmerizing portrait of a society strangled by misguided religious fervor, sexual repression and emotional alienation… One of the most entertaining novels of the season."



"Haunting and powerful… [Chance] brings alive an age of innocence, terror and prosecution."

- Lancashire Evening Post


"A vividly conceived and beautifully voiced novel."

- Oxford Times


"A powerfully vivid look at the Salem Witch Trials … remarkably radiates a light on late seventeenth century New England."

- Under the Covers


"A tense, gripping and emotional tale … an engrossing story of both the horror and joy of human relationships."



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