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A Drop of Ink by Megan Chance
Lake Union Publishing
432 pages
ISBN 978-1503940994
A Drop of Ink                  
Megan Chance’s latest novel is a mesmerizing, complex, and darkly passionate reimagining of the Lake Geneva summer that inspired Frankenstein... 

Penniless and disgraced, Adelaide Wentworth and her sister, Louisa, have lost everything. With Adelaide’s lover, the infamous poet Julian Estes, they flee to Lake Geneva, hoping to persuade the celebrated, famous writer Bayard Sonnier—Louisa’s ex-lover—to advance Julian’s career. He is their last hope for salvation.

Bored and needing distraction, Bayard invites them to stay with him at the Villa Diodati—the place that inspired the writing of Frankenstein sixty years earlier.  Here, Louisa hopes to rekindle their affair, and Adelaide hopes to restore her fading love for Julian, and be again the muse he needs.

But soon, secrets are revealed, passions ignited, and hidden talents discovered. Suddenly, Adelaide begins to imagine a different life. In confusion, she turns to Giovanni Calina, Bayard’s assistant, who has his own secrets and nurses deep resentments. Their alliance will have dangerous and lasting repercussions. No one comes away unscathed in this richly imagined, emotionally nuanced tale of passion, ambition, inspiration, and redemption.

Praise for A Drop of Ink:

Historical Novel Society Editor's Choice for February 2017

"All the characters are complex, and even the two narrators have deep flaws. But Chance draws you so deeply into their lives that you come to care about them. Some turns in the story will take your breath away. This is an outstanding novel; one of the best I’ve read all year."

--Historical Novel Society Reviews

"Inspired by the Gothic writing session that produced “Frankenstein,” [Chance] imagines different participants in the same spooky location… Historically minded readers will particularly enjoy this bumpy ride, and the parallels between Chance’s re-imagined literary quintet and the actual participants in that long-ago gothic writing session.”

—The Seattle Times


"My favorite read of 2017 ... All the characters are rich and unique ...  I truly am in love with this book."

--Katherine's Book Reviews

"Megan Chance writes gorgeous historical novels about women and the lives they were forced to lead because of the role society cast the in. This is a mesmerizing tale of greed, lust and betrayal."

--For the Love of Books


"... a story that delivered on so many fronts. It was a story that went into deeper and more complex telling of so many of our human emotions ... I hope you give Megan Chance  a chance, pun intended, and get this well written and complex story."

--Bookworn2bookworm's  Blog

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