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City of Ash by Megan Chance
Crown Books/Broadway
395 pages
ISBN 978-0-307-46103-2
City of Ash
For fans of historical fiction with a twist of mystery comes Megan Chance’s most riveting story yet…

Chicago socialite Geneva Langley is a woman used to pushing boundaries. When she inadvertently pushes too far, she finds herself banished, along with her husband, to Seattle, Washington Territory. In 1888, Seattle is a city on the cusp of greatness, but there Ginny feels stifled and alone, suffocated by her husband’s forgiveness, always cognizant of her need to atone.


Beatrice Wilkes is an actress who has lived by her wits since she first set out on her own at the age of fifteen. She has learned not to trust, that in the theater friends rarely stay friends for long.  She longs for a career as a leading lady on the stage, although that dream seems to grow less possible with every passing hour. When she meets Geneva Langley, Bea pegs her correctly as the kind of woman who has had everything handed to her, who understands nothing of real life.


Fate—and the great Seattle fire of 1889—will bind these two different women together in a dark and perilous alliance. Neither suspects that their relationship will challenge everything they know about themselves, or that it will set them on a path that must lead to either redemption or damnation.

Praise for City of Ash:

Starred Review

"Leave it to Chance to pen a fine historical that’s both a gripping historical and a study of the constraints placed on 19th century women. … Stellar characterization, terrific dialogue, and a twisty plot make this story of old time Seattle pop."

- Publishers Weekly


"With an Art-Nouveau-and-absinthe sensibility, tight plotting and stagecraft complete with traps and twists, Chance breathes a vitality into her frontier characters á la David Milch’s Deadwood."

- Kirkus Reviews


"Sharp writing, [a] believable and detailed historical setting, and strong female characters."

- Library Journal


"An edgy historical novel that proves impossible to put down."

- StarTribune


"Evocative of Seattle’s rough history and early society … fun to read."

- Booklist

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