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Release Day!!

A DANGEROUS EDUCATION is out today, and I can hardly wait for everyone to get their hands on this book, which I truly love. Order it from your favorite bookstore, order it online from your favorite independent bookstore, Barnes and Noble or Amazon, get it from your library--whatever your preference. What matters to me is that you find it in whatever way is most convenient. Just please don't pirate it. Pirating hurts all of us, and if you want to guarantee that your favorite authors stop writing and being published, pirating is the best way to do it. That's why libraries exist, and if your library doesn't stock a book you like, ask them to order it or to get it from another library, which they will do.

I also want to say that the audiobook, narrated by Karen Peakes, is just a thing of beauty. I've been listening to it, and I love it, which is saying something. She manages to do the voices and the rhythms of this book just as I hear them in my head, so I've listened to the ENTIRE thing, which I rarely do.

Also, just for fun: I have an article on the Inspiration behind A Dangerous Education at The link to that is here.

I've also done two bits for the Campaign for the American Reader blog, one of which has a short excerpt from A Dangerous Education: The Page 69 Test, and My Book, The Movie where I imagine the characters in the novel as the actors I would choose to play them.

That's it for now--as always, I hope you enjoy the book, and if you do choose to pick it up, remember that leaving a review always helps the author, and thank you in advance for reading!

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