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Work Dates and Books on Sale

Yes, my lovelies, it is now September, which may be my favorite month. I think it has to do with the fact that I have never been a sunworshipper, nor are summer activities my particular favorites. I was always wanting to read when my mother was shooing me outside, and so going back to school was actually ... a relief. I know. Weird. In any case, I love the Fall, and I love that feeling of golden sun and chilly days and getting back to work without feeling guilty because I'm not outside doing something horrible. Like gardening.

One of my favorite things about my life (which I think I've mentioned before), is my long relationship with Kristin Hannah, friend and critique-partner extraordinaire, and in August we did one of our go-away-work-days, where we combine wine, food, talk and critiquing. Thankfully, there is plenty of wine, because these sessions can be harrowing. But now 300+ pages of the new manuscript are now completely marked up and ready to be edited into something resembling a story.

The day we exchanged manuscripts:

The two days away--a rather typical scene.

Another great thing about this September: books on sale!

The Spanish edition of Bone River will be on sale at Amazon's ES store through 9/30:

Inamorata and Bone River will both be offered as a Kindle Literature and Fiction Monthly Book Deal for $.99 through 9/30.

These are both good reads for September, perfect for the chilly days of Fall, and at a price you don't often see. Enjoy! And wish me luck on the editing!

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