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A Few Things

Well, I've hit my usual wall at about page 200 of the new manuscript, which means that I'm looking for ways to fill my time before I dive back in to edit and find out what the hell is wrong with it--there's always something, at this stage. Thus ... for you, a rare blogpost!

Last month, my family reunited with my long lost cousin (he was only lost to us, apparently), which was really a great time. I hadn't seen him since I was about eight years old, and am so glad he touched base again. See the picture below of that side of my family from the 1960s. See if you can spot me in the crowd! (Hint: I'm the oldest little girl there, and I look just the same, but a bit taller. :)) That's my mother and one of my sisters on the far right.

In other news, my years-long search for the perfect sourdough bread recipe is over. Yes, I have found it, and it is delicious. I have to give credit to my developmental editor for cluing me into it, and, because I'm feeling generous today, the link is here on YouTube at French Guy Cooking (it's a recipe for non-bakers, and he takes you through it step by step) and trust me, slapping that dough around vigorously will help with all your anxiety, anger, and tension. Plus you'll have really good bread to eat after.

And finally, I will be here on June 2nd, along with many of my favorite people. If you're in the area, check it out!

Here's to a wonderful, allergy-free Spring! (yeah, the allergy-free part isn't happening here either).

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