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Happy Holidays!

This week, I've been baking and shopping and preparing for our annual Christmas feast. My husband is Jewish, and so traditionally we also celebrate Hanukkah, and because it falls on Christmas Eve this year, I'm mixing things up a bit for our holiday dinner--cheese fondue (which sounded fun) and latkes! It should be an experience.

(the above are cherry winks, a fond reminder of my Ohio childhood--I love these stupid things).

Some of you may also know that recently, I threw out 200 pages of the new manuscript and started over. Last night, I met with my critique partner, and after a few hours of discussion (and, oh, yes, wine), decided that the 200 pages of draft two were also destined for the dustbin. But I am not despairing. Not only has this (sadly) become my process, but sometimes it requires talking things over with someone else to realize what the problems are, and to come up with a way forward. In many ways, 2016 has been very like the confused dark complications of this manuscript, and now, at last, I think I may be seeing a way forward that will work.

I hope that is an apt metaphor for the new year as well.

Two quick notes: A Drop of Ink hits the shelves on January 3 (yay!!) and there are only a few more days left for the Goodreads giveaway, which ends January 2. So don't forget to enter! I love this book, and I'm excited for everyone to get their hands on it.

In the meantime, I am wishing you all a very, very happy and peaceful holiday season.

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