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News: The Visitant

The Visitant by Megan Chance
A Drop of Ink by Megan Chance
Inamorata by Megan Chance
Bone River by Megan Chance
City of Ash by Megan Chance

Society Nineteen, Interview, October 2015--This is a long and in depth interview with Society Nineteen's Suzanne Fox on The Visitant


Amazon Book Review, Q & A with Megan Chance and Kristin Hannah, September 2015

Here's a really lovely review from Britlitbibliophile: "This book is suspenseful, beautiful, and really sexy."

And another one from Historical Novel Society: "The Visitant will keep readers turning pages well into the night and is recommended for lovers of general historic fiction who like the draw of the supernatural and a dash of romance on the side."

The Seattle Times chimes in on The Visitant in this review: "Tragedy and Romance in the Venetian Gloom"

A review from Books Without Any Pictures says: "The Visitant is what you’d get if Anne Rice and Dostoevsky could team up to write a ghost story.  It’s got everything to love–madness, depression, epilepsy, lust, knives, angry ghosts, and family secrets.  It is sensual, atmospheric, and hauntingly beautiful."

Mom's Small Victories calls it a "fast paced, beautifully written, eerily good ghost story..."

Day One says "OMG, I have to tell everyone I know about this book.”

A review from SavvyVerseandWit is here

"... a wonderful story" from FictionZeal

Autographed copies available from Liberty Bay Books
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