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Special Deals Month

Coming to you through the haze of tree pollen allergies (a fairly recent thing--thank you, Universe), a broken temporary crown that keeps poking me in the cheek, and a pesky and relentless new idea that keeps nagging at me when I supposed to be editing the latest manuscript (don't worry, I'm focusing), to let you know that there are several special deals on Megan Chance books this month.

First, A Drop of Ink is on special in Literature and Fiction Kindle monthly deals for $.99--if you haven't read my latest release, this is an excellent opportunity to get it for a really good price. I happen to love this book (I know, I say that about all of them--but this one is especially close to my heart, and when you read the Afterword, you'll see why). The link to the deal is here.

Next, all three books of my young adult Fianna Trilogy are available all this month in Teen and Young Adult Kindle book deals, for $.99 each. The link to that deal is here.

And lastly, the Spanish edition of Bone River, El Rio de Las Almas, is being offered at 50% off in Amazon's ES Marketplace, again, all through April. The link to that deal is here.

April is truly a Megan Chance extravaganza. Now, if I could only get the stupid trees to stop throwing their pollen at me ...

Happy Spring!

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