Writing Retreat!

One of the best things about my life is my friendship and creative partnership with Kristin Hannah, which goes back (nearly) 30 years. When we met, we were both unpublished, hopeful historical romance writers, and we set to achieving our ambitions with zeal, and a love for one another that has endured highs and lows and the vagaries of publishing. At least once or twice a year, we try to take some time away, spend hours drinking and brainstorming and critiquing each other's work. We spent a few days last week on just such a retreat, and came back with a revised synopsis (Kristin), and a revised first 300 pages (me--which, yes, means throwing out most of it and starting over. It's a nasty pro

August Special Deals

I've got a few special deals for you this month. First up, my young adult Fianna Trilogy is included in Amazon's Teen and Young Adult Kindle Deals, today through August 31st, with each book offered at the special price of $.99. Fans of historical fantasy adventure will want to take a look at this! Secondly, one of my favorites, Inamorata, is on sale in Amazon's Literature and Fiction Kindle Deals, also today through August 31st. Strange goings-on in this one, Venice in the 19th C, and a set of very ... interesting ... twins. It's available for $1.99. Happy Reading! #youngadultfiction #Fiannatrilogy #historicalfiction #specials #inamorata


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